I have a Nitrogen leak in the HAPSITE Smart, what should I do?

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Nitrogen Leak

Nitrogen leaks will occur after extended use of the instrument. The lines can become cracked and/or the fittings can become loose. Check the extent of the nitrogen leak. An instrument should not use more than 40kPa of Nitrogen during an operational run and should not lose more than 40kPa of reservoir pressure while in standby mode.

If an instrument is experiencing a leak, contact technical support. Many leaks can be corrected in the field with the aid of the technical support staff.

To complete this repair you will need

  • ¼” wrench
  • 7/16” wrench
  • 50/50 mixture of water and methanol
  • Glass Pasteur pipette

Remove both the yellow and grey covers and contact your technical support group. The technical support group will walk the operator through the steps of identifying the leak and correcting it while in the field. If unable to correct the issue in the field, technical support will guide the user to the next step.

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