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Introducing ReadiTrak™

Whether you’re responsible for coordinating CBRNE equipment for your team or for a whole organization, it is critical to know that gear is ready at all times. ReadiTrak™ is the web-based solution that makes this possible.

ReadiTrak™ is a specialized knowledge based management system with integrated Trouble Ticket and Reporting/Analytics modules. It supports all COTS equipment and is not vendor specific or biased. ReadiTrak™ allows users to manage multiple facets of each piece of equipment in one single management tool making it a vital tool applicable to all users from a single fire department to a military organization.

Dashboard Driven

ReadiTrak™ is a dashboard driven web-based application with multiple user levels including basic, advanced, and executive. Each user level provides at-a-glance instrument status. In addition, users can view real-time maintenance reports or generate and review current and past trouble tickets. ReadiTrak™ also contains libraries of instrument maintenance and repair documentation and FAQs.

Powerful Reporting

ReadiTrak™ contains a built in reporting module that generates real time, user-level specific reports. These reports can be printed or exported to both PDF and excel. Instrument, date, location or resolution type are some of the specific report variation available using ReadiTrak™.

ReadiTrak™ can be customized to meet your needs. All aspects of the software can be scaled to specific applications or customers with COTs equipment. This includes single instruments, specialized equipment sets, multiple users, additional dashboards, new reporting features, and multiple locations.

Mission Readiness

ReadiTrak™ provides the accountability, transparency, and no-excuses, mission-ready confidence essential to operators and coordinators who need to know that their equipment can get the job done when The Call comes.