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ReadiTrak™ Dashboards

ReadiTrak™ is a dashboard driven software offering customized views for various levels of users. Dashboards provide at a-glance readiness status for manager, operators and maintenance staff—across town or across the globe. The multiple user levels available include Executive, Advanced, Basic and Scientist/Repair. Additional dashboards can be developed or existing dashboards tailored to meet your specific requirements.

ReadiTrak Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

The executive level dashboard is ideal for managers and program operators. It provides an at-a-glance view of all equipment using status graphs. For example, equipment will be shown as ready if maintenance requirements have been met, or down if associated with an active trouble ticket. Each open trouble ticket is encapsulated underneath the status graphs showing top-level information such as aging of the ticket and location. Trouble ticket details are one click away from the dashboard.

In addition to displaying instrument status, executive level dashboards also feature quick links to several other ReadiTrak™ features. These include the document and FAQ library, the reporting module, the message board, a trouble ticket search engine, and an administration section. Executive users can post messages throughout their organization using the message board. The trouble ticket search engine allows a user to find current or previous trouble tickets based on location, instrument, and date range, among other filters. The administration section provides access for executive users to view and manage their users and locations.

Advanced Dashboard

Advanced and basic user level dashboards are intended for use by equipment operators or maintenance personnel. Each user with a basic or advanced dashboard will see only their individually assigned equipment. The equipment is shown with a status indicator which functions to remind the user of maintenance requirements. Users can also enter maintenance records or report trouble tickets directly from the dashboard. All trouble tickets are routed immediately to the repair dashboards. In addition, basic and advanced users can query the built-in search engine to locate maintenance documents and answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions. These dashboards also feature an internal message system that provides operators with important information from their supervisors and KD Analytical SMEs.

Advanced dashboards also include links to the reporting module and the administrative section. These are the same features provided in the executive dashboard, but limited in that the advanced users only have access to reports and user information at their individually assigned locations.

Scientist Repair Dashboard

Tying these user level dashboards together is the common repair dashboard. This dashboard is not accessible to any user but rather is used for the repair personnel only. It provides immediate status of all trouble tickets including aging, assigned personnel, and current repair status. Repair personnel have unlimited access to the document and FAQ library, message board, reports, and administration section.

Visibility, Transparency and Accountability

ReadiTrak™ dashboards provide the visibility necessary for operators to complete their job, the transparency needed by coordinators to understand team and instrument performance, and the accountability required to achieve your team's mission and to be ready when The Call comes.