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ReadiTrak™ Knowledge Base

CBRNE Instrument Documents & FAQs

KD has leveraged years of equipment troubleshooting and repair experience to develop documents and FAQs. ReadiTrak provides immediate access to this information though the document library and searchable FAQs. In addition, KD can upload customer specifc documentation or FAQs while maintaining document security. These document features add an in-direct training benefit that will help users gain confidence in the operation and performance of their instrumentation.

The document library and FAQ list are accessed directly from the dashboard for all users. There are multiple links to both areas. First, the dashboard menu contains a link to the document library and another to the FAQ list. In addition, there is a Search FAQs section where users can enter questions or keywords specific to their instrumentation. Below the FAQ search engine is another link to the document library.

ReadiTrak Knowledge Base

ReadiTrak Document Library

The document library contains all repair and operation documents for each equipment model. It is organized by equipment model and further divided into folders specific for repair documents and maintenance documents. The document library is also searchable by document title or document number. All documents are uploaded in PDF format to aid the downloading process.

There are no size or storage restrictions in the document library. Customers automatically receive access to all documents pertaining to thier equipment models on ReadiTrak and KD can upload any customer specific documents upon request. Additionally, KD has the ability to restrict document access by equipment, customer, or user level. You can be confident that any document specific to your organization can be accessed only by your organization.

ReadiTrak FAQs—Help on Demand

Users can also use the FAQ section to address specific instrument problems. The FAQ list is searchable by key words and equipment model. For example, if you are having an issue with the NEG pump then typing “NEG” into the search field will bring up a ranked list of commonly asked questions about the NEG pump. FAQ’s that relate to documented repairs or procedures are directly linked to the applicable documents. In fact, every document within the document library is linked to at least one FAQ. The FAQs are ranked based on how frequently the question is asked and security can be set for each FAQ to based on customer or user levels.

ReadiTrak Knowledge Base Search Results

The document and FAQ modules provide users immediate and easily accessible access to repair and maintenance procedures as well as helping to guide users to solutions for common equipment issues. These tools are an integral aspect of ReadiTrak’s ability to provide mission-ready confidence essential to operators and coordinators who need to know that their equipment can get the job done when The Call comes.