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ReadiTrak in Detail

ReadiTrak™ offers unprecendented visibility and accountability of equipment stock and instrument readiness at multiple levels and locations within an organization—all from a secure Internet site. No longer do users have to wait to be in the office or at a specific computer to check the status of an item or system. In addition, with the ReadiTrak™ Library and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) features, there's no more searching for an instrument manual or trying to remember when preventive maintenance or calibrations are due. Everything is there on the ReadiTrak, accessible anytime, day or night. ReadiTrak is a secure, private cloud application that is truly ready when and where you need it.

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The Dashboard for each user is specific to their role, instrumentation, equipment and location. Each user level (Executive, Supervisor, and User) has a specific dashboard view that allows instant visibility using KD Analytical’s easy to read red/yellow/green status charts. All users can see what is operational, non-operational or unknown within their equipment sets. Additionally, the Executive and Supervisor levels can specifically look at equipment by user, location, or type to gain additional insights into organizational and maintenance needs. Dashboards are updated in real-time, from any internet access point. Each organization has the option to tailor their Dashboards to specific organizational needs.

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The ReadiTrak Knowledgebase is the most comprehensive repository of HazMat/CBRNE instrument information available. This fully-customizable data center is comprised of two key componenets: a document library and FAQs.

The Library is a helpful data repository that is built by the organization to be specific to their needs and instrumentation. Virtually any document format can be uploaded and data capacity is unlimited. For security and management needs, Executive and Supervisor users have the ability to restrict or monitor access to the site material.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database is initially comprised of validated, standardized questions developed by the KDA staff while operating or troubleshooting instruments. These questions can be accessed for the appropriate instruments in a user inventory and have been a key step in keeping equipment operational and in the field, rather than having to send it back to the manufacturer or leave it behind on a response because of an easily repairable problem. Users at the executive and supervisor level are also able to upload pertinent questions of their own— virtually anything related to the operation of equipment or instruments within their local procedures.

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Preventative maintenance is key in maximizing equipment uptime and field readiness. Each type of equipment logged in ReadiTrak may be assigned a preventative maintenance cycle; the ReadiTrak application then tracks preventative maintenance procedures, presenting visual feedback for due dates and overdue status. System workflow makes it easy for operators and maintenance personnel to perform and verify prementative maintenance.

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Trouble Tickets

When equipment fails, ReadiTrak provides a simple mechanism for creating trouble tickets, letting users and managers know that the equipment is 'down' and that maintenance must be performed. Trouble tickets may be routed in several ways depending on your procedures and maintenance contracts. Customers who opt for KD Analytical Reachback support will find that many trouble tickets can be resolved over the telephone, reducing down time and saving money on unnecessary OEM repairs. Instruments designated for internal repairs are routed to the repair dashboard for your internal equipment managers; instruments on an OEM contract can be routed to a manager for contact with the OEM; and instruments on repair contract with KD Analytical are routed directly to KD Analytical technicians for immediate attention.

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ReadiTrak maintains a searchable, printable, customizable reporting capability that allows executive users (decision makers and budget analysts) to show the long-term operational availability and cost of ownership—in both parts and manpower—of any item in your inventory. The Reports function also allows other users to print or save data related to their specific instruments and supervisors/shift leaders to monitor multiple types of equipment belonging to multiple users. Reports may also be exported to a spreadsheet document for further manipulation or integration into other documents.

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